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Let's Get Organized!

                                           Stitch and Sew Organizers
                                                     A.T. Enterprises
                  We've had great success with our Acrylic Products
                                 Thanks to all of you who know .....
                  What a difference it makes being able to see what you have,
                  using our Clear Acrylic Organizers 
                    No more boxes and guessing......what's in this one ?
                            We always have new products because....
                            I keep needing more  organizers! 
                            Fred makes them for me then all of you! 

        Another Item (I desperately needed) was a Cosmo Floss do we keep all those skeins organized?  This case is the perfect way! One side I use for solid threads and the other for variegated.  It has 35 compartments on each side, so it holds a variety of colors.
We can't ship this item, it is far to large.
             Fred Manufactures what Carolyn desperately needs (and I do!)
                                   out of Acrylic to help Organize our
                                   Sewing, Stitching & Craft supplies
                                                   Making it easy to
                                    "View our Supplies at a Glance!"

                Our Display Cases are used to store so many different items,                                 jewelry as well as make-up are a couple.
                        We also sell Patterns, Books, Notions and Thread
                                  for Machine & Hand Embroidery

                   Please reach out to me if you have any questions,
                    We want to Thank all of you again for supporting us,

                                                  Stay Safe!              

                                                  Carolyn  951-264-3826


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  • Phone  (951) 264-3826
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