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Let's Get Organized!

                                           Stitch and Sew Organizers

                               We finished our last Quilt Show for 2022
                                        and   Looking forward
to 2023
                  The first show will be Road to California in January.
                  We've had great success in 2022 thanks to all of you who know
                  what a difference it makes being able to see what you have,
                  using our Acrylic Products. 
                    No more boxes and guessing......what's in this one ?
                            We always have new products because....
                            I keep needing more  organizers! 
                            Fred makes them for me then all of you! 

        Another Item (I desperately needed) was a Cosmo Floss do we keep all those skeins organized?  This case is the perfect way! One side I use for solid threads and the other for variegated.  It has 35 compartments on each side, so it holds a variety of colors.
We can't ship this item, it is far to large.
             Fred Manufactures what Carolyn desperately needs (and I do!)
                                   out of Acrylic to help Organize our
                                   Sewing, Stitching & Craft supplies
                                                   Making it easy to
                                    "View our Supplies at a Glance!"

                Our Display Cases are used to store so many different items,                                 jewelry as well as make-up are a couple.
                        We also sell Patterns, Books, Notions and Thread
                                  for Machine & Hand Embroidery

                   Please reach out to me if you have any questions,
                    We want to Thank all of you again for supporting us,

                                                  Stay Safe!              

                                                  Carolyn  951-264-3826


  • P.O. Box 2024, Corona, Ca. 92878
  • Phone  (951) 264-3826
  • Shop On-Line or Visit us at Quilt Show Events