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Let's Get Organized!

                                           Stitch and Sew Organizers
                     We continue to participate in "Virtual Quilt Malls"
                             and want to Thank all of you for your support!
                              We're excited to have 2 in Person Shows
                      1st will be in Scottsdale, AZ. September 2, 3, 4, 2021
                      2nd will be at the Orange Pavilion in San Bernardino, Ca.
                                       September 23, 24, 25, 2021.
              Please check out our "Quilt Show Schedule" for all the details 

          We have a few new products....I keep needing more organizers! 
Fred makes them for me then all of you!  The latest is a "Needle Keeper & Pin Cushion" case.  It includes a removable pin cushion (Same pin cushion  as pictured on the Travel Case on the web page) and removable tray lined with velux.  The Tray has a 1/2" lip on all sides.  The pin cushion sits on top of the velux with room to add extra needles on the side.   This case came about because I had lots of needles stuck all over my pin cushion, top and sides.   When I wanted to take a class it was impossible for "me" to keep them secure and not sticking into everything.  Since I use several different pin cushions, one for hand embroidery and others for ribbon embroidery, we didn't attach the pin cushion.  It can be removed and changed depending on your project.
This case works perfect when you need to travel, take a class etc.
                          It will be on the web page in July 2021.

Fred Manufactures what Carolyn desperately needs (and I do!)
                                   out of Acrylic to help Organize our
                                   Sewing, Stitching & Craft supplies
                                                   Making it easy to
                                    "View our Supplies at a Glance!"

                Our Display Cases are used to store so many different items,                                 jewelry as well as make-up are a couple.
                        We also sell Patterns, Books, Notions and Thread
                                  for Machine & Hand Embroidery

                            Be sure to Check out our Facebook Page!

                  Please reach out to me if you have any questions,
               We want to Thank all of you again for supporting us,

                                                  Stay Safe!              

                                                  Carolyn  951-264-3826


  • P.O. Box 2024, Corona, Ca. 92878
  • Phone  (951) 264-3826
  • Shop On-Line or Visit us at Quilt Show Events